Optimise Your Potential

Our Intention


In this modern society where high-strung individuals are constantly bombarded by insurmountable demands and corporate targets, many are finding it extremely hard to stay balanced in their body, mind and soul.  The rat race is never an easy game.  Many struggled to stay afloat in this ever-changing environment.  We envisioned a climate of personal successes in this ever-changing environment and established Living Beyond to assist corporate executives and business owners seek their balance and gain self-mastery.

“Our fundamental intention is to help our clients regain balance in their health and mental & emotional balance.  All of which are key to optimising one’s potential that leads to self-mastery.” 

Our Work


At Living Beyond, we help clients dive deep into their inner psyche to understand their blocks (mostly hidden from plain sight!), share techniques to assist in breaking through them and assist clients in attaining radical transformation to their lives, resulting in self-mastery.

We plough through researches and techniques, look into case studies, engage in practicality and feasibility tests of our programs before we arrive at this version of our self-mastery programs. These programs comprise simple yet effective tools and techniques that will go towards eliminating energetic blocks that have prevented individuals from making quantum leaps in their life.

We endeavour to continue to research and test and to come up with effective tools and techniques that will assist and facilitate individuals with their onward progress.

Our Trainer


Priscilla Lee is a trainer and coach who is extremely passionate about bringing radical healing to modern day high-strung individuals who want to optimize their physical, emotional and mental wellness.

Having spent more than a decade in the corporate world, Priscilla is well aware of the stresses and demands of corporate targets.  It is with this in mind that Priscilla decided to develop a series of energy-based programs to help corporate executives and business owners find their personal success and self-mastery through improving their own vibration.

It is her personal believe that when one comes into true alignment from within, we can tap into an unlimited source of abundance that helps us manifest goodness (it can be instant at times!) in all aspects of our lives.

 “Good things start to gravitate towards you when you are at peace and aligned from within.  If everyone can keep an open mind about our energetic self, we will regain clarity and success at a much faster pace.”  


Heart Base

We help you enhance your relationships & improve your life 


We teach you techniques that are practical for real life applications



We plough through white papers, techniques & researches to bring you the best program


We pride ourselves on innovative methods of training

Delve Into Your Energetic Self To Unearth Your True Potential For Greater & More Lasting Success