Soothing Vocal Healing Audio

Soothe Your Soul with Sound Healing

Sound is known to soothe the soul & these vocal sound tracks by Priscilla L. can do just that

Each track was produced with the intention to heal & restore your well-being, from inside out

These tracks are now available in worldwide music platforms, choose one that is most accessible for you!

I really feel the high tones as energy in my body- like an activation. When you sing them slow, and the tones are high, I really feel the healing energy/love. When the tones range low to high in a single note, it seems to activate a range of emotions or points in my emotional body all at once. That feels healing too, in a different way. Like a release maybe? Just wanted to give you that feedback- wish I had more precise words, but that’s how I can best describe right now. Thank you for sharing these with us.

Heather G

Truly amazing. Your voice created a flower opening up in my mind and body. Intense movement of kundalini up my spine and through my third eye. Thank you so much. Working on producing a free publication in my city. Thank you for your wisdom and pure light channeling from Gaia.

Thank you so very much. Beautiful and so healing for me.

Seanne Fortier

Thank you so much – that was beautiful on so many levels – all my bodies and soul are saying thank you.

Lynda Light

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