Monthly Energy Forecast

March 2018

This is a general energy forecast for the month of March 2018.  It is like an overall macro view of how the energy will flow.  It may or may not affect you directly.

There are two parts to March.  The first half will see us going with the flow.  We strive towards being harmonious and are more emotionally driven.  We want to blend in with others and will work well with people around us.  This will definitely be a good time to be with a community or club.  Team building will be easier as well.  Generally, people are more receptive and less combative.

Early part of the month will also drive us to be more work and health oriented.  If you catch yourself burying your head in a pile of work and ignoring all your friends and family, perhaps it’s time to take a breather and engage with others for a bit.

The second half of the month will be better for working on past and current projects/ relationships.  Trying to tie up loose ends will be more effective than starting new endeavours.  If you are seeking more sales and businesses, this is a time to look to existing or past clients.  Relationship with people you already know will also be more endearing and long lasting during this time.   New relationships and ideas are harder to have long term results, purely because the energy is moving everyone to look to the past.  Our minds are a little fogged up during these few weeks hence we may not think as clearly as we should.  There is a highlight of miscommunications and travel hiccups during this period as well.  So, double check that you are understood correctly and that all documents are checked and re-checked before submission.

Nearer to the end of March, the energy will be more introspective, but on the flip side most will be more determine to get what they want.  This is a very different energy compared to how we started the month.  As a caution, we may have to maintain our balance and side step any tricky situations where people get overly driven by personal agendas.

March also marks the start of Spring.  Some ideas that have been in incubation will start to show results.   It is also a start of a more fortuitous period.  However, while there is renewal on the way, March still has a “one-step-forward-two steps back” energy from mid-month.   The renewal energy may be more evident in April.

February 2018

This is a general energy forecast for the month of February.  It is like an overall macro view of how the energy will flow.  It may or may not affect you directly.

There is a theme of regeneration about February.  While we thought the regeneration should have begun in January, there seems to be energies that were carried over from 2017 which required more time to clear up.

In early February, we will still be affected by the more intense energy that was brought forth at the end of January.  We can see ourselves tying up loose ends at work, home and relationships.  The intensity is likely to bring swift movement that make us round things up quickly.  During this time, we may see more public displays of bold endeavors across the globe, eg. global initiatives, new breakthrough discoveries or showy announcements across nations.  At personal level, we may also be bolder in our ideas and ready to stand out from the crowd.  We are also more ready to stand up for what we believe in.

By mid-February a sense of renewal will take place.  We are more ready to plan towards new endeavors, new ideas and projects.  This is also the start of Chinese New Year, hence it is not surprising that we will experience more gregarious energy.  However it is not until later part of the month that we will be in full gear to drive things forward.

Overall, this is a month which we are much more open to joining new groups or being more involve with our community.  Concern for humanitarian efforts and improving communities or even building cross border relationships could be highlighted this month.

Throughout the month, we are likely to experience stronger drive to move things forward.  The energy will keep everyone on their toes.  On the upside, we will be driven by motivation, but on the downside we can go on overdrive.  If you find yourself too fired up, try to re-direct the energy to a workout routine instead.  Also, try not to start too many projects without thinking through because during this time we may be very gung-ho but may not follow through later.   Use the energy wisely.  It’s a good time to drive yourself forward but try to strategise before proceeding.


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