Sound Healing & Coaching

Expansive But Non-Invasive

Sound vibration speaks to our soul.  It bypasses the cognitive mind and yet the small doses can have tremendous effect.  Just like how you get chills while listening to a piece of music that resonates, it is subliminal yet so powerful.

For centuries, sound and music have been an integral part of the healing art across many cultures.  In the modern day, science has also proven that the vibration of sounds can be closely linked to psychological and physiological recovery.

The intention is to bring about expansive healing that carries no traces of invasion to your well-being.  The sounds that flow through during a session are intended to open your inner doorways for energy release and rejuvenation.  It heals and soothes in unique resonance with you. 

These spontaneous sounds, tones and rhythms serve to uplift your vibration and create an energy shift that will result in more positive outlook in your personal journey.  

Remember to set an intention before the session and we’ll work through it together during the call.

Skype Session at S$120.00 (approx. US$85.00)

I received amazing and deep transformation during a session with Priscilla. Her voice is so powerful and pure. Thank you! 

Victoria Webby


Wow… that was very poweful for me, I cried so hard from deep within, something shifted and I’m so grateful to you Priscilla. Thank you so much.

Amiria M.

Superb!!!! So Lovely!!!! Thank you so very much dear Priscilla for sharing this wonderful Vocal Sound Healing with us all… A big kiss in your heart!

Imara Pereira

Audio Tracks Available at Bandcamp!

We are building a collection of vocal sound healing and meditation tracks for those who wish to purchase and use them at the convenience of their privacy.

Visit our online store to find the track that best suits your needs.

Flow with what life has to offer.  We are going through a period of transformation and this can only happen when we release control and go with the flow of the universe.  Trust that it will lead us to a place of peace.

Vocal:  Priscilla Lee

Music: Dewdrop Fantasy Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Sound Vibration Bypasses the Cognitive Mind to Create Subliminal Yet Powerful Transformation

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