Corporate Training & Development

Corporate Training & Development


At Living Beyond, we offer soft skill training programs that are designed to improve our clients’ opportunity for advancement in this highly competitive environment.  While we work with our clients to develop their life skills, we also take a step further to help them dive deep into their inner psyche to understand what are their personal blocks and share techniques that will help them achieve radical transformation and self-mastery.

If You Want Change, Start with Yourself  –  This is our basic principle for all our training and development programs.  We believe in helping our clients unlock their potential so that they can align themselves more closely with their personal strength and potential.

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Research has shown that employers care more about soft skills than technical ones.  Soft skills are the essential qualities for building relationships, gaining advantage and creating credible opportunities for advancement.”

Heart Base

We help you enhance your relationships & improve your life 


We teach you techniques that are practical for real life applications



We plough through white papers, techniques & researches to bring you the best program


We pride ourselves on innovative methods of training

Delve Into Your Energetic Self To Unearth Your True Potential For Greater & More Lasting Success