Meditation Workshop


Meditation has been praised by corporate people, CEOs, celebrities, and among many diverse groups.  Many laud the benefits gained, which include reduction in stress levels, clarity of mind that aids better decision making, better and more restful sleep, amongst many other benefits. It is not only a wellness fad but a time tested technique that had been practiced since thousands of years ago by a small and closed group, and is now widely available to any who wishes to tap into the unlimited potential of it’s mind.

At Living Beyond, we utilise the guided visualisation method of meditation – participants are led by guiding statements throughout the session. When the body attains a relaxed state and the mind is clear of external noises, visualisation can be a powerful tool to effect changes to and influence the mind towards attain the objective(s) of meditation.

We can custom our meditation program according to your needs.  One-to-one and group session are available.

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