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Self-Mastery with Energy Shift is a workshop that is probably one of it’s kind in Singapore.  While it is common that many will delve into one’s physical environment for answers to achieving success, the added advantage also lies in understanding that there is an energetic side to ourselves that could possibly increase the potential for greater and more lasting successes.

Perhaps you have been executing all the right moves but still not getting the kind of results you desire.  Or perhaps you have tried everything you were told but still seems to be stuck in the rut.  The best efforts do not necessarily translate into optimum results.  What hinders us from achieving even greater successes are energetic blocks that exist in all of us.

In this workshop, we will introduce you to the concept and structure of your personal energy system, touch on the interactivity of your energy system and show you how such interactions can impact your success – whether that means better business opportunities, better relationships, improved health or influx of abundances.  You will be given tools and techniques that may help you eliminate blocks that had prevented you from making quantum leaps in your life.

Who is this for?


This workshop is designed for all executives and professionals who want to gain an unfair advantage by understanding the rules and learning the tools of the energy world to create successful results in their personal and professional environment.  If you had been working hard to find success, if you had been trying all means to attain results, but has yet seen any improvement, perhaps an energetic shift is what you need.

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“Energy vibrates and resonates all around us.  By discovering the energetic aspect of yourself & your environment, you will experience a deeper level of Self Mastery.”

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