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Chakra Balancing Sound Healing Album

This Chakra Balancing album comprises seven unique sound healing audios that are channeled to heal and bring harmony to the seven energy centres in the Chakra system. 

The calming sound healing tracks for aura cleansing and chakra balancing exercises are intended to bring harmony to all the seven energy centers within the body. 

Listeners may experience different sensations, emotions and inner peace after the sessions. 

Benefits of Chakra Balancing Sets the Foundation for Compete Wellness of Body, Mind & Soul

The sound vibrations are meant to heal, repair and revitalise the listeners’ from inside out.     

Listen to each track with a earphone for best result

Chakra Balancing  Album Comprises 7 Unique Voice Channeled Sound Healing Audio Tracks

Root Chakra Balancing

For grounding, balancing Root Chakra & clearing insecurities

Heart Chakra Balancing

Bring transformation & alignment to our entire being

Crown Chakra Balancing

Access a higher state of consciousness & connection



Sacral Chakra Balancing

Awakening of our divine life force

Throat Chakra Balancing

Alignment of the heart, mind & speech

Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing

Restoring self worth & balancing emotions

Third-Eye Chakra Balancing

Open to receiving guidance & have clear perception, mental focus

How to Use the Sound Healing Audio Tracks

For these sound healing tracks to be effective:

1. Purchase the Chakra Balancing Album & download from Dropbox

2. Select a sound healing track that is suitable for you

2.  Use one Chakra balancing track at a time & feel effect

3. Be in a quiet place & relax while listening

4. For best result, use a headset/earpiece 

5. Take time to experience the sound vibration

6. Notice any sensation in your body during or after listening

7. Take time to relax after the sound healing session

8.  Repeat the process as & when you feel guided

Other Vocal Sound Healing Tracks Available on Bandcamp

What People Are Saying About Our Sound Healing Audio Tracks

I really feel the high tones as energy in my body- like an activation. When you sing them slow, and the tones are high, I really feel the healing energy/love. When the tones range low to high in a single note, it seems to activate a range of emotions or points in my emotional body all at once. That feels healing too, in a different way. Like a release maybe? Just wanted to give you that feedback- wish I had more precise words, but that’s how I can best describe right now. Thank you for sharing these with us.

Heather G

Thank you so much – that was beautiful on so many levels – all my bodies and soul are saying thank you.

Lynda Light

Truly amazing. Your voice created a flower opening up in my mind and body. Intense movement of kundalini up my spine and through my third eye. Thank you so much. Working on producing a free publication in my city. Thank you for your wisdom and pure light channeling from Gaia. Meyman

Thank you so very much. Beautiful and so healing for me. Seanne Fortier

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