The Power of Daily Positive Affirmations

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
– Gandhi

It is no wonder that our words often become reality.  Some may think that this is just a concept of self-fulfilling prophecies or an old wife’s tale, but studies have shown that our reality can indeed be shaped by our words!

So surreal isn’t it? This is much like casting a spell…without knowing it.

It shouldn’t be all that surprising if you recall all the negative Nancies in your life who are constantly talking bad about themselves and other people.  Aren’t they always having relationship problems, health issues or some kind of trouble?

Being mindful of how we speak and how we think are the first steps to manifestation; whether the outcome is good or bad pretty much depends on the choice of words we use.

Simply put:  Outcome X happened because of Y, and the intensity of outcome X depends on how much good or bad Y put in.

Talk to people who exercise mindfulness and daily positive affirmations and you will quickly discover that their lives are often filled with confidence, better health, relationships, productivity, and more positive emotions.

Words kill or give life.  They’re either poison or fruit.  You choose.

What is Positive Affirmation?


Positive affirmations are positive statements that we used to reiterate a desired outcome or goal.  We can repeat these affirmations like how some will recite their daily mantras.

Positive affirmations can be used in nearly every situation.  Some use it for manifesting better health, abundance, gaining confidence or even losing weight. In fact, positive affirmations are essential to personal development.

Successful people like top CEOs, politicians, celebrities, entrepreneurs and athletes are personalities who vouch for the use of positive affirmations.  It is an incredibly powerful method for releasing negativity and fine-tuning the subconscious mind for greater potential.

The intention of positive affirmations is to leverage the positivity to overcome negative thoughts, inner dialogues, and fears for beneficial transformation in behaviours, mental resilience, and emotional health. 

It is a way of cultivating mindful living so that we do not indulge in past failures nor worry too much about the future but focus on the current positivity.

There is no limit to how your affirmations can be phrased but the key is to structure these sentences to be encouraging, motivating and kind to yourself and others.

The key to effective affirmations is the acknowledgement that we are all capable of harnessing the power of thoughts and words to create a reality that we desire. 

However, positive affirmation is not a tool for making our whimsical wish come true, at least they cant seem to turn my piece of rock to gold.  Affirmation should be relevant and relatable to achieve the best results.

How Positive Affirmation Works?

Positive Affirmation is not about changing the external world but changing ourselves to align with what we want to achieve.    Our daily positive affirmations can shift our perspective and our energy from within, hence helping us to work in harmony with the external.

If you are sensitive to energy, try focusing on your body when reciting the positive affirmations.  Don’t be surprised to feel the expansive vibrations of those words coursing through your body!

Everything is energy, even our words carry energetic vibrations that our body and mind can relate to.  Naturally, words with positive vibrations can uplift our health and make our organs function better but negative ones can burden the body and eventually morph into ailments.

The Science Behind Positive Affirmations    

The effectiveness of positive affirmations is no longer a myth but a proven method for promoting health, better behaviours, and self-confidence.

Researches conducted by the Annenberg School for Communication and the University of Michigan and UCLA discovered that positive affirmations can activate the ventral striatum and ventromedial prefrontal cortex, the parts of the brain that respond to positive experiences, such as enjoying a delicious meal or winning a prize.

It was also noted that positive affirmations are more effective empowerment techniques for encouraging behavioural change as compared to professional coaching or suggestions that are seen as more threatening and imposing.

Our brain is a power organ and how we trigger it can produce a cascading effect that will either uplift us or pull us down.  Because our brain can only interpret the present moment, when we initiate a thought, we are launching an action plan to make it happen. 

For example, when making affirmations to buy a dream home, your brain will begin to make connections with various faculties in your system to make it happen.  Almost instantly your feel-good hormones will be triggered, your mood will lift, and your physical body will be energized.  The positive vibes will also drive you towards taking bold actions to make that happen.

The same goes for repeating a negative thought or phrase, the brain will process it accordingly.


How To Create Positive Affirmation

1)  Create affirmations that are relevant and relatable. Keep them positive but not so far-fetched that even you don’t believe them.  Always start with something relatable then work your way up.

2)  Use only positive or neutral words to create the statements. A statement such as “I am no longer unhappy” confuses the brain because the trigger word in this statement is “unhappy”.  Try using positive statements such as “I find happiness in every aspect of my life”.

3)  Use the present tense. Again, our brain is incapable of deciphering the past, present or future tenses.  Use present tense such as “I am a mindful person”or “I have a harmonious relationship with everyone around me”.

4) Prepare a list of affirmations and recite them over a period. A well-prepared list is useful for tracking your progress and ensures that you systematically capture the affirmations.

5) Recite your affirmations daily. In any practice, consistency always yields the best results.  Like working on your muscle memory, regular and consistent affirmation reiterates your desires and ensures that these positive vibes are locked in your subconscious mind.

6) Say what you mean, mean what you say. Nothing is more transformative than what is spoken from the heart.  It is when you are sincere and truly believe in your affirmations that manifestation can take place.


10 Positive Affirmations That Will Change Your Life

1)  I am the author of my life; I can build a life that I desire

2)  I am a powerful money magnet; I attract unlimited abundance with ease.

3)  My faith and optimism help me overcome difficulties, and they pave the way to success.

4)  I am balanced in my body, mind and spirit, and it helps me make good and healthy choices.

5)  I have the courage, strength and wisdom to overcome any situation in my life.

6)  I attract only healthy and loving relationships in my life.

7)  I am open to love, and I allow an abundance of love to flow into my life.

8)  A river of compassion washes away my anger and replaces it with love.

9)  I am a vibrational match for prosperity and abundance.

10) I have a thriving career that brings me constant joy, wealth and advancement.

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