Sound Healing, An Ancient Therapy That Works

Sound healing is an expansive but non-invasive method of healing and it is a fabulous way to create balance within.

If you’re searching for a way to soothe your mind and calm your soul, sound healing is the way to go! It uses subtle sound frequencies to permeate our energetic body, helping us to come into alignment much more effectively than many other healing modalities.

Imagine listening to soothing music while being restored physically, emotionally and mentally.  Certainly worth a try, isn’t it?

Today, using sound for healing has been gaining much popularity because it is effortless for the recipients and receiving healing through sound frequencies can be an enjoyable process.

Different methods of sound healing therapy can be administered, but it typically involves the recipient listening to a tune, playing an instrument or singing to specific tones (musical notes).

Such therapies use subtle sound healing vibrations to improve our brainwaves and restore our body, mind and soul with little effort or discomfort.

This may not sound like much but don’t underestimate its ability to heal.  Sound healing is an extremely powerful method that was practised as far back as in ancient times.  

Sound for Healing, An Ancient Practice

Using sound for healing has gone way back when modern technology was still unknown.  Sound healing has been documented in many ancient scripts from many ancient cultures such as the Greco-Roman, Tibetan, Aboriginal, and Egyptian.

Pythagoras, The First Sound Healer

Pythagoras was probably the first person to prescribe music as medicine way back in 495 BC.  This wise Greek philosopher, mathematician and musician of his time, experimented extensively with music and sound as a healing modality.

He later discovered that music not only balances one’s soul, but it also purifies one’s mind, maintains perfect health and improves moral behaviour.

His theory may have dated way back in time but in recent studies, we are beginning to see more and more confirmation of his claims.  Amazing!

Ancient Sound Healing Tools

In another surprising discovery, it was also found that ancient healers were already producing infrasonic and ultrasonic frequencies for healing.

Yes, infrasonic and ultrasonic frequencies are not exclusive to advanced technological equipment in hospitals and clinics, the ancient folks were already using them!   

A range of traditional musical instruments such as the Egyptian Sistrum, a rattle percussion instrument, and the Aboriginal’s didgeridoo, were discovered to transmit sound healing frequencies that match our modern-day medical healing frequencies.

Natural Healing

Ancient healers believed in natural healing and many ancient texts documented that our natural voice is a powerful sound healing tool that can heal.

Wonder why some singers can bring you to tears with their voice?  That’s sound resonance!

Ancient Egyptians believed that singing has a great significance to their spiritual practice and this culture that goes back to 4000 BC has a long tradition of vowel sound chanting.

Many people are sceptical about this form of vocal sound healing, however, today’s researchers have already proved that singing vowels and chanting can create physiological transformation and even heighten one’s consciousness.

The Science Behind Sound Healing Therapy

Sound healing therapy has a positive impact on the emotional, mental, and physical levels.  The power of sound resonance has brought significant results in the medical, mental health and neuroscience arenas.

What’s most intriguing is that sound and music therapy is subtle, gentle and virtually effortless.

Remember those times when you felt so at ease once you tuned in to your meditation music? 

How about that time when your head starts bobbing to the beat when your favourite song is played over the airwaves?  Incredibly subtle yet so infectious!

There is science to back all these up. 

In a study by McGill University in Canada, it was discovered that music releases dopamine, a brain chemical that is known to enhance good moods; pointing to the reason how music can make us feel better in an instant.

Another research by Pingjin Hospital in China also found that patients with sleeping disorders, insomnia, and irregular sleep patterns, when treated with music and sound therapy, began to regulate their sleep behaviour.

For more natural and non-invasive treatment for patients with coronary artery disease, doctors at St Francis Hospital in New York have been deploying sound frequencies as a tool for treating blocked coronary arteries as well.

This is no laughing matter considering 18.2 million American adults suffered from coronary artery disease.

Such cutting-edge sound healing technology not only minimises the level of invasiveness but also restores the function of the arteries at a much faster pace.

It is also interesting to note that sound therapies are making their way into the field of neuroscience.  It was noted in various studies that music therapy can trigger positive mood, stimulate positive interactions and even improve pyscho-motor functions amongst Alzheimer’s patients.

The Benefits of Sound Healing Therapy

As discussed earlier, there are limitless benefits for sound healing therapy.  Here is a breakdown of the benefits:

Benefits as a Treatment

  • Non-invasive (non-surgical)
  • Natural and gradual healing process
  • Ease of administering treatment
  • No medication required (specific to sound healing only)
  • No side effects

Benefits for Recipient

  • Aligns the physical, cerebral, emotional and energetic faculties
  • Balances Chakra System
  • Mostly effortless for the recipient
  • Lower stress level, blood pressure and cholesterol
  • Improves sleep
  • Treats anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, autism, and dementia
  • Improves pain management
  • Improves immune system
  • Improves learning disabilities, memory and concentration
  • Improves creativity
  • Heightens awareness of self and the environment

The Different Types of Sound Healing Therapy

What are the different sound healing methods that are available these days?  Here are five types of therapies that are commonly found.

Music Therapy

During music therapy, the therapist or sound healer uses sound healing instruments to create sound vibrations to soothe the mind and soul of the recipient.  There is a wide range of instruments that the therapist can use, it all depends on their practice.

Music therapy is known to relieve and heighten relaxation. It is often used for physical rehab and pain management because of the ability to reduce pain even for those who just had their spinal surgery! 

Sound Instruments

Besides musical instruments, there are alternative sound healing instruments that can be used for administering their session.  Some commonly found tools include:

  • Singing bowl
  • Tuning fork
  • Tingsha
  • Gongs

Such sound healing tools are usually tuned to certain notes so that they can target a specific area in the body.

For example, the note C can help to balance the Root Chakra, which refers to the based area of human anatomies such as lower spine and legs.

Brainwave Entrainment

Brainwave Entrainment uses binaural beats, a pulsing sound frequency, to stimulate the brain into a specific state.  The pulses attempt to influence the brainwaves into aligning to the frequency of a given beat to produce results such as enhanced focus, relaxation, emotion.

Word of caution:  Use Brainwave Entrainment wisely, while it may induce a quick result, it can also alter your brainwaves unnaturally, which can be dangerous, if you ask me.  More research needs to be conducted on this method of sound healing before confirming its long-term impact.

Chants and Mantra

Chants and mantras are traditional sound healing methods that reap benefits from vocal sound vibrations that are produced during the chanting process.

Some may think that these methods are just for the religious folks but that’s not true. Chanting and repeating mantra don’t have to be religious or spiritual.  The truth is – your words shape your life.

Notice how those who often reiterate how rotten their lives are, always run into bad situations?

Or how those friends with a positive outlook of life always have an easier time navigating through life.

Vocal Toning

Our voice is a natural cure.  As abstract as it sounds, our voice is one natural instrument that can heal and balance our energy system to improve our overall well-being.

Try to tone with sounds of vowels according to the chart.  Feel the sound vibrations in your body.

Some benefits of toning include:

  • Strengthening the human energy system and restore any missing or weak frequencies into the energy field
  • Subtle healing that is non-invasive
  • Calms the brain state and bring clarity and healing
  • Increases body-mind-spirit coherence

Let the Sound Healing Frequencies Restore You

Like what Beethoven said, “Music can change the world.”

The power of sound has been evident since the beginning of time and it has a subtle yet effective way of unravelling our inner struggles, whether physical, emotional, cerebral or energetic.

If you ever need a little energy boost or healing or want to learn more about sound healing, here are some recommendations that will achieve amazing results.

What We Recommend: 

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Chakra Balancing Sound Healing Album 

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Chakra Balancing Sound Healing Album
Access this compilation of 7 sound healing audio tracks – one for each chakra.
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