What Kind of Intuitive Are You?

  1. In a conversation, it falls most natural to say…

A.  “I hear” that…

B.  “I see” that…

C.  “I feel” that…

D.  “I just know” that…                                     

Answer: _______


  1. If I say: “You are now at a beach”, how do you process this information?

A.  I hear the sound of the ocean/people on the beach

B.  I see a beach in my mind’s eye

C.  I feel the sand under my feet, the wind and the heat from the sun

D.  I just know I’m on a beach

Answer: _______


  1. Usually during workshops, I like to:

A.  Listen to the verbal explanation given by the trainer

B.  Watch what the trainer is doing first before attempting the skill practice

C.  Write down the key points about the task

D.  Read & learn all the training manuals before jumping into the activity

Answer: _______


  1. What is true for you?

A.  I can walk into a room & feel if there was an argument recently.  The vibes are hanging in the air.

B.  I daydream a lot

C.  I tend to hear words or full sentences in my mind

D.  I often receive information that I don’t know where came from, but I know it’s true

Answer: _______


  1. This is me

A.  I often receive inspiration when I take a shower

B.  My dreams are vivid

C.  I can feel the mood of other people quite accurately

D.  My mind is always busy, and I get tons of creative ideas

Answer: _______


  1. When thinking about a movie that I like, this often comes to mind first

A.  The sound effect, musical score or the sound of the actors’ and actresses’ voices

B.  The attractive actors and actresses, the lighting, the costumes, or the scenery

C.  The way the movie made you laugh, cry, or moved you in some other regard

D.  The interesting plot, or the life lessons that you or the movie’s characters learned during the story.



  1. I will remember telephone numbers if:

A.  I listen to the speaker

B.  I write the numbers either in my mind or on a piece of paper

C.  I see how the numbers are dialled on the telephone

D.  I repeat the string of numbers back to the speaker



  1. I often…

A.  Give people advice & later wonder “where did that come from”?

B.  Need to visualise things in my mind before I can fully understand what it means

C.  Feel uncomfortable in larger crowds

D.  Know if someone is telling the truth or not



  1. When I was in school, I tend to:

A.  Read aloud so some of the key points so that I can hear and remember the keywords

B.  Examine the diagrams, flowcharts and pictures in my textbooks and notes

C.  Write notes or draw mind maps of key points on the topic

D.  Learn by understanding all the processes, underpinning knowledge & key pointers



  1. This is me

A.  Noise, sound, music & even the quality of someone’s voice affects me

B.  Visual balance, colours & even aesthetic alignment in my environment is important for me

C.  I always have an accurate gauge on a person’s motive or character even when I only have a brief encounter with them

D.  I rely on hunches, premonitions & even intuition for decisions



  1. When I am introduced to someone new, I usually notice

A.  The person’s voice, articulation, manner of speech & laughter

B.  The way the person looks, such as clothing, hair, teeth, shoes, or general attractiveness

C.  How I feel around the person, such as being comfortable, amused, safe & so on

D.  If the person is interesting, trustworthy or sincere



  1. I can…

A.  Tell different tones apart with ease

B.  Close my eyes & envision objects or places with ease

C.  Sometimes feel someone else’s pain in my own body

D.  Know if a choice is all wrong for me, even if it seems perfect




Tabulate the answers below:

Answer: A B C D
Total No:


What Kind of Intuitive Are You?

Tabulate the number of “A”, “B”, “C” and “D” you have answered.  The choice with the highest number is a likely indicator to where your intuitive strength lies.

Mostly “A” – Clairaudience

Mostly “B” – Clairvoyance

Mostly “C” – Clairsentience

Mostly “D” – Claircognizance

Note:  No one is limited to only one type of intuitive ability.  With practice & awareness, we can certainly develop all areas.